A chunky & heavy duty Premium Wooden A Board for printed panel graphics in sizes A2, A1 and A0 size


A high rise & heavy-duty Premium Wooden A Board for published panel graphics in sizes A2, A1 and A0 dimensions . Really a appealing Advertising Board in produced of this will highlight your brand and boost every other road side effort. The header graphics are all published at no additional price tag Sandwich Board.

Also known as sandwich boards, we’ve got an assortment of body styles for example A board frames, swing signs, flexible board, chalkboard pavement hints and drinking water fillable indicators.

Today’s spin over the sidewalk indicator, this style incorporates a panel hung by hooks onto the top rail of the indication. This means that they are acceptable for windy requirements whilst the panel moves with all the wind. They’re able to have either a long term printed pockets or message to produce images. Ideal for marketing and advertisements, especially for retail point of purchase. We maintain the majority of our pavement signs plus A boards at stock for speedy shipment.
These are greater hints that are employed in garage forecourts or outside shopping centres. The distinguishing feature is a bigger, thicker base which can be plain water made out of concrete. They’ve an assortment of distinct methods of exhibiting both newspaper or PVC posters.

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