Human Growth Hormones – The Big Gamble

Growth hormones have been accepted as treatments for various conditions over the past number of years. The use of this treatment in children has become more popular and has been seen as a miracle cure that has opened many doors to new possibilities. The aim of these treatments is to rectify a deficiency in hormones produced naturally by the human body. These hormones are produced in the pituitary gland, and as the name suggests, these hormones are responsible for growth. Children with the lack of growth hormone are prone to weakness in the hearts and lungs and can also develop problems with the immune function. Low bone density can also be attributed to a lack of these hormones.

A deficiency in growth hormones among adults is rare. However, the ability to manufacture them can be negatively affected by brain injury or radiation treatments to the brain. A growing number of growth hormone treatments in adults has nothing to do with deficiencies, but rather to do with cosmetics. More people are now undergoing hormone therapy to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat
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Another treatment becoming more popular with the use of growth hormones, is anti-ageing treatments. As the body gets older, it produces less growth hormones, thereby limiting the ability of the body to repair and rebuild damaged cells. This is part of the normal ageing process. Although there is a misconception that growth hormone therapy is a miracle cure for ageing, medical studies are still limited, and at this stage, the risks may far outweigh any benefits.

Other conditions treated by growth hormone therapy include; Turner syndrome (a condition that affects females and is usually characterized by a missing or altered X chromosome); and Prader-Willi syndrome (a complex genetic disorder of which shortness of stature is one of the symptoms). In the case of Prader-Willi syndrome, growth hormone treatments are not always be the correct treatment for all instances, however it is becoming one of the most widely used treatments today.

Unfortunately, these treatments do not come without side-effects. These side effects can be extensive with a high probability of occurrence and can include; changes in skin color; swelling in the face, hands and legs, as well as burning sensation or numbness and anal swelling. The less common side effects include; carpal tunnel syndrome; depression and irritability, increased growth of birthmarks and breast enlargement in both men and women.

For many people who suffer from genetic disorders, the use of growth hormone therapies may be the only alternative in their quest for a normal life. However, for those looking to use growth hormones for cosmetic or anti-ageing therapies, they need to consider the following; are these therapies really that beneficial that they are worth the risk? Are these natural hormones? How do hormone replacement therapies react with the endocrinal system of the body as well as the negative feedback loop, which is essential to regulating hormones? So, before pumping yourself full of hormones, ask these questions from your doctor and then get a second opinion. Do not gamble with your life.

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