Controversy Continues for Two FIFA Voting Panel Members


The activity, that has understood such famous members as David Beckham, is entrenched in turmoil over recent asserts there has been wrongdoing over the parts of two top ranking officials within the FIFA organization. Research in to the allegations were to simply take place before the last week’s voting panel selections, but bureaucracy maintained from occurring in a timely way.

Following a recent allegations of bribery between two of FIFA’s executive team members, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has promised to complete a “detailed analysis.” He also says the outlook for all these two high ranking officials would be “really bad,” projecting a lousy light on the full company. For that world soccer committee to have now been composed at a recent variant of this Sunday situations such an adverse light is a “quite unpleasant situation.”

This information has put the entire company. The news came before the bidding for its 2018 and 20-22 World Cups, and also the voting angry that happened there last week seems to solidify the fact that there was some form of wrong doing around the committee’s behalf. Australia and the United States each dropped their bids to Russia and Qatar, respectively, that came as a major jolt to football lovers globally fifa555.

Blatter’s promised evaluation was to come before this voting happened, but as a result of bureaucratic plan, the voting happened anyway and about December 2, 2010, Russia was named the World Cup sponsor for 2018 and Qatar had the most votes for 20-22.

This all comes on the heels of a exhibition done from the Sunday Times, showing Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii requesting for the money to invest in certain projects. The terrorists introduced as lobbyists to use to catch these two officials red-handed, but no money reportedly altered hands. Adamu and also Temarii could not be reached for comment. These certainly were part of the voting panel on December 2.

FIFA has documented that it will “instantly analyze the content readily available” and once that has been done, they will make a decision as to what the upcoming proper actions would be.

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