Should You Be Worried About These Antacid Side Effects?


Before we proceed in to the side effects of antacids it’s very important to acquire an understanding about what they’ve been and what exactly they can perform.

Antacids are applied in the therapy of acid reflux กรีนคอมิน disease or GERD. They should not be mistaken with other GERD/Acid reflux treatments like Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s) and H2 blockers. Both of these types work otherwise as they effect the stomachs secretion of acid.

It’s important to point those out antacids, PPI’s and H2 blockers I’ve only mentioned won’t fix or restore your condition – all they do is suppress the signs. By suppressing stomach acid that they could temporarily alleviate the pain, but you need to keep with them.

The fact is, antacids should not be employed for more than the usual period of fourteen days, and this education can be emphasised on the packing.

Adverse Effects Of Allergic Suppression

The reduction of acidity may finally cause several health complications. It turns out that gut acid does more than prepare food. It plays a vital part in helping the absorption of nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

As an example, vitamin b 12 has to be absorbed in the gut. With a lack of acid that could result in the malabsorption of B12 and a number of other nutritional supplements. Vitamin B12 is essential for the human body’s metabolic process in addition to maintaining the performance of the central nervous system.

Stomach acid also kills off any bacteria contained within the food we eat. Obviously with lower degrees of acidity the probability of food poisoning and bacterial diseases like e coli increase.

Adverse Impacts on The Digestive Tract

However most importantly, is how the overuse of antacids will disturb the micro bacterial remainder of the digestive tract. The crucial component, that ensures that the overall health of your digestive tract and your body, is your beneficial bacteria or micro flora which lines the walls of one’s own intestines.

There are literally billions of those microscopic bacteria. They’re like a protective wall which prevents disease causing toxins and germs from over running your body. In addition they help in the functions of absorption and elimination and when that was not enough they also support the immune system.

But here is what, these bacteria can easily be destroyed by the overuse of antacids and antibiotics. While this happens the undesirable bacteria and also the fungal infections such as Candida possess a free reign to spread and cause havoc within your gastrointestinal system.

Once these crooks takeover there begins a slow break down of your body’s digestive health start with bloating, indigestion gas, constipation and diarrhea.

Other antacid side effects may include;

· Diarrhoea

· Nausea

· Joint

· Itchy skin

· Allergic Infection

· Flu like symptoms

· Fatigue

· Constipation

· Swelling around the knees and feet.

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